How to keep your pet cool in hot weather


The sun is shining, and temperatures are soaring. However, it can quickly become a dangerous situation for our furry friends. After all, would you want to wear a fur coat in hot weather? It's essential to help your pet stay cool in high temperatures to protect them from heatstroke, which can be life-threatening.

Compared to us, our pets are less equipped to keep cool. They can only sweat through their pads! They rely on panting to regulate their body temperature, but this may not always be sufficient. Other ways to help our furry friends stay cool include lying on cool surfaces, swimming, seeking shade, or enjoying a gentle breeze.

However, if your pet cannot access these cooling methods, panting alone may not be enough to prevent overheating. This can lead to a rapid increase in their body temperature, resulting in heatstroke.


How do pets get heatstroke?


  • •   Sunbathing: Our sun-loving pets may enjoy basking in the sun during summer. However, extended exposure without a breeze to cool them down can put them at risk of overheating.
  • •   Enclosed rooms: Cats may find comfort in napping in enclosed rooms, which can quickly heat up and turn into a greenhouse. Ensure your sun lounge is pet-free before closing the door or leaving for the day.
  • •   Cars: Leaving your pet in the car, even for a short time on a warm day, can be extremely dangerous. Just like enclosed rooms, the temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, putting your dog's life at risk.
  • •   Dog walks: Be careful when taking your dog for a walk in sunny weather. Even your usual walk may be too long on a hot day. Walking in exposed areas without shade or access to water, such as fields or parks, can be hazardous, and your pet may struggle to stay cool and quickly overheat.
  • •   Dark/thick coat: Pets with dark or thick coats are at higher risk of heatstroke as their fur absorbs and retains heat.
  • •   Short-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds: These breeds are even more susceptible to heatstroke as they have difficulty regulating their body temperature and are less tolerant of heat.
Pets in Cool Weather.
Pets in Cool Weather.
Pets in Cool Weather.

How can I keep my pet safe in the sun?


  • •   Avoid walking during the hottest parts of the day. Instead, schedule walks early in the morning or evening when it's cooler.
  • •   Choose walking areas with access to shade or water.
  • •   Don't walk for too long, even if your dog seems enthusiastic.
  • •   Carry a large bottle of water and a portable bowl for your dog. You can use the water to cool them down if needed.
  • •   Keep pets with long or thick coats trimmed short during the summer.
  • •   Consider getting a doggy paddling pool for your garden, especially if your dog enjoys the water.
  • •   Cooling gel mats can be used at home or in the car for essential trips.
  • •   Cooling jackets made of a special fabric that you spray with water can provide a cooling barrier to the heat.
  • •   Some pet trackers and lifestyle devices offer temperature monitoring to alert you if your pet's body temperature exceeds recommended levels.
  • •   If you're planning a beach trip, bring a beach umbrella to provide shade for your pet away from direct sunlight.

If you suspect your pet has developed heatstroke, immediately take them to the vet. In the meantime, you can help cool them down by placing cool (avoid cold) wet towels on their body, belly, and pads and getting them into the shade or indoors as soon as possible.