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Successful treatment: Our golden rules

Prevention is key. But if you find a flea or tick on your pet or yourself, make sure that you treat it immediately to prevent further outbreaks and potential health risks.


Always treat all domestic animals.


Use the right product for your pet's size.


Apply the product the correct way — directly to the skin.


Do not bathe your pet 48 hours before and after treatment.


Stay on schedule with regular treatment intervals.


Treat highly active pets, especially in the warmer months.

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How to Apply Frontline Plus

How to Apply Frontline Plus

How to Apply Frontline Spray

How to Apply Frontline Spray®

How to search for ticks on your dog

How to search for ticks on your dog

Just 30 Seconds Every 30 days

It’s easy to unleash the flea- and tick-killing power of FRONTLINE® Plus.

1. Remove

Remove 1 applicator from the package.

2. Snap

Hold upright with foil side toward you and snap applicator tip.

3. Apply

Apply to dog coat, part hair and apply on shoulder blades.

4. Finish

Allow the entire contents of the applicator to spread evenly through your pet's coat.

Resources for the discerning pet owner

Here you'll find articles on pet care, seasonal health tips and fun facts to help you make sure your pet lives a happy, healthy life. See also our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), How-to videos and Support section. 
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