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Frequently Asked

If you can still see fleas on your pet after treating them, it would be natural to think that the treatment isn’t working. However no product can repel fleas from jumping onto your pet so it is normal to continue to see fleas after treatment as your pet can pick up new fleas from the environment at any time. Moreover, if you are fighting a home infestation, it is highly likely to see fleas on your pet for 3 months or more as it can take this long to get rid of the infestation. Don't worry, if you see fleas for several days in a row, today's flea is not the one you saw yesterday. Your treated pet is a flea-killing machine and any fleas jumping on will be killed within 24 hours.

Most tick treatments such as FRONTLINE Plus and FRONTLINE Spray are not tick repellents therefore individual ticks may still attach to your pet. After treatment with FRONTLINE Plus / FRONTLINE Spray ticks will generally be killed within 48 hours after exposure, before they are fully fed, thus helping to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Once FRONTLINE® Plus / FRONTLINE® Spray has been applied, it is recommended to keep your pet out of the rain and away from watercourses for the next 48 hours. If they do come into contact with rain within this period, it is unlikely that your pet would have been wet enough for the product to be washed away. However, if your pet gets soaked to the skin then the efficacy of the treatment may be impaired and reapplication may be warranted. If this is the case, please contact your veterinarian for advice.

Yes, FRONTLINE® Plus / FRONTLINE® Spray can be used on any breed of cat and dog, including collies and other herding-breed dogs which can sometimes show hypersensitivity to some parasite treatments.

FRONTLINE® Spray is licensed for use in pregnant and lactating cats and dogs. FRONTLINE® Plus is licensed for use in pregnant cats and dogs, and lactating dogs.

You should only ever use products on pet species that they have been specifically developed and licensed for. FRONTLINE® Plus can only be used on dogs, cats and ferrets and FRONTLINE Spray on dogs and cats only. Do not use on rabbits.

Yes. Warm weather like in the Philippines present an ideal environment for the fleas and ticks to be active and reproduce.


Although the likelihood of your pets being affected by fleas decreases, fleas also continue to develop outdoors thanks to our warm temperatures in the Philippines and always indoors in homes. Therefore, it’s important to keep protecting your pet throughout the year. Using FRONTLINE® Plus allows you to protect both your pet from fleas and ticks and your home from flea infestations.

Once applied, FRONTLINE® Plus is stored in the sebacious glands in your pet's skin and spreads over the whole body surface with their natural oils. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with your pet's skin and coat so they do not need to bite to be killed.

Both products kill fleas and ticks on your pet, however our most advanced formula FRONTLINE® Plus also stops flea eggs from hatching and infesting your home.

Even if you have treated your pet for fleas, some fleas may still have time to lay eggs before dying. These eggs can develop into new fleas in as little as 14 days, therefore it is important to tackle flea eggs too. Most flea products only kill fleas on your pet, FRONTLINE Plus not only kills fleas and ticks on your pet but also prevents flea eggs from hatching and infesting the home.

No, FRONTLINE® Plus and FRONTLINE® Spray act topically which means that fleas and ticks are killed through contact with your pet's skin and coat so they do not need to bite to be killed.


Even indoor-only pets can become exposed to fleas if an untreated pet visits your home or if you or a friend brings in flea eggs or cocoons on your shoes or clothing.

Provided your pet's coat is clean, there is no specific need to wash your pet. If you do wash your pet, it is important to ensure that the coat and skin are completely dry before applying Frontline® Plus or Frontline® Spray.

FRONTLINE Plus and FRONTLINE Spray have an examplary safety profile and adverse reactions to the treatments are very rare. If you believe your pet has experienced any side effects from a veterinary medicinal product, please contact your veterinary surgeon.